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Sustainability is a confusing concept for many people and it is being used in all kind of debates. In the upcoming election in Sweden, politicians are talking about airtravel taxes, high speed trains and electric cars but sustainability is so much more then just getting rid of fossil fuels. Sustainability is largely about how, and what we consume. From what we eat and wear to the furniture we buy.

For me sustainability is to use natural resources in a circular fashion, not to exhaust them. Sustainability means fair social conditions for all people. Sustainability implies a change in how we look at the relationship between humans and the environment, as well as a change in lifestyle. Humans depend on nature, not the other way around. I recently heard someone say that humans are the only species who is not living in symbiosis with its environment. This is precisely what sustainability work want to rearrange. But it is not being done in a speed high enough and it is starting to show in many different ways in nature.

All production has an impact on nature, more or less. That’s why I am proud of being a part of NC who does not settle until the impacts are as small as possible. Being a part of NC is being a part of the development towards sustainability.

At NC we are using mainly wooden materials in our products. We use a water-based lacquer as standard to minimize hazards. Over 80% of our products are labeled with Möbelfakta, 70% is FSC®-labelled and we aim to reach 100%. We work to chart our supply chain in several steps to minimize environmental and labor risks. We work to minimize the ecological footprint by producing furniture that are lasting, are easily redressed and which are easy to renovate to perfection. All this and a lot more is being done without any renounce in quality.

Despite just being in the company 4 months I can by all certainty say that the work of NC is going in the right direction but of course we need to strive to be even better. As Environmental and quality coordinator I plan to work hard to continue our common journey towards better sustainability.

Lisa Hansson
Environmental and Quality Coordinator at NC.