Laddar in


This week we had a full day of Strategy and occupational health at NC. A day filled with creative exercises where we together put our heads together and discussed NC’s future and took us on a couple of tricky collaborative exercises.

Gathered all together and exchanging experiences, ideas and solving challenges strengthened the understanding of each other’s work and strengthened us as a work team.

In one of the collaboration exercises we were told to assemble a “John” table on time, in groups. The difficulty was that those who assembled had to have blindfolds and take instructions from the rest of the group. Despite difficulties, it was possible and there were many laughs and some swearing…

Cooperation, joy and commitment are key factors for thriving at a workplace and crucial parameters for the social part in sustainable development.

At NC, we are certified according to ISO45001 (Standard for Occupational Health and Safety), which helps us to constantly improve our work on occupational health, but well-being, comfort and commitment at the workplace involves so much more than can be documented in a standard.

Like all workplaces, we face challenges when it comes to occupational health, but I think we all got a good feeling with us this Tuesday, which will last throughout the whole summer!

Psst. Do you see that it says NC NORDIC CARE in the picture?

Wish everyone a wonderful summer!

Lisa Hansson
Sustainability Manager