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How can we create characteristics for a product that will make it have as long life as possible? That’s really what circularity is all about. Our goal for our products is that they can be reshaped, reconditioned or even reused to extend its lifespan. At an early stage, we try to adapt our furniture construction for its choice of materials and its lifetime.

By developing products where you can create opportunities for updates, our target for our furniture is that they have simple removable upholstery. The opportunities increase for easy removability, washing, wear and tear and renewed design´s through new textiles in different colours or structure. To facilitate the replacement, we also try to avoid padding material glued on wood. Other updates can also be spare parts replacement as well as other module extensions to extend the life of the product.

At NC, we´re working with materials from good quality and conscious materials- and resourced management. By choosing pure materials as much as possible and then all raw material in our products should be traceable from responsible sources. As we mainly develop wooden furniture, we mostly choose FSC-labelled wood, which means that the material comes from responsible forestry. We want to ensure that our furniture’s doesn´t contain any hazardous chemicals, in fact our production is mainly produced through water-based lacquer, certified fabrics and low emissions of VOC.

We perform quality test on all our products, cause through good quality we can also create a safe, lasting and durable product. This gives us a quality-assured furniture that´s strong enough for its purpose, its strength, durability of the textiles, fire requirements and surface resistance, so our furniture can offer a long-lasting life.

At NC, we´re having an internal circulation of exhibition furniture’s and we also preform services to renovate old products. In the future, we will hopefully see some big changes, and I think we will change our habits and way of life. Moving away from always buying everything new, it´s becoming increasingly common to use different forms of services, such as renting furniture, leasing and tracking and identifying products.

Hope you follow us on our journey to a more circular economy.

Moa Ulfsson

Quality- and Sustainability Coordinator

Photo: The sofa Du & Jag, is a good exampel of a product with a long lifespan, removable fabric, interchangeable padding and solid wood. Photographer: Mattias Hamren