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FSC® for climate

A personal reflection by Environmental and Quality Coordinator Tomas Reibring.

Deforestation in the world cause 11 % of the global carbon emissions. In comparison the aviation cause 3 %. Which one is most visible in the media?

Hardly no one could have missed there is a global warming caused by human. Already today the natural disasters increases worldwide, and scientists estimate there will be more refugees because of natural disasters than from wars and conflicts.

Rarely people talk about how deforestation in the world affect the climate, media and the political debate dominates by limiting the fossil fuels. But with 11 % of the carbon emission it is important to not forget the deforestation. The world needs wood material, and compared to many other materials wood is both renewable and sustainable. But the deforestation needs to be done in a responsible way.

The strongest ecolabel for forestry today is Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®). When NC a few years ago was targeting to be the most sustainable company in our line of business, an FSC certificate was an important part of it. We got certified in January 2014 and with this we can guarantee the traceability and are able to sell FSC labeled products.

With pleasure I observe how an increasing part of our range get FSC labeled. First quarter 2014 9 % of our sales were FSC labeled, which has increased to 66 % third quarter 2015. To raise our transparency we will from now on publish our FSC sales figures on our homepage.

But will our FSC certificate really contribute to fewer natural disasters and fewer refugees? Of course that´s just a very small part of a very big problem, but choosing wood material with less environmental impact gives a positive effect. We want to lead by example and wants more to follow. Alone our choice has a limited effect for the climate, but together we can make miracle. Our goal is to push the development in our line of business in a positive direction.

Take care!

Tomas Reibring
Environmental and Quality Coordinator at NC

PS. I recommend you to listen to a Swedish radio program with environmental professor Johan Rockström broadcasted this summer. Did you know there will cost just 0,66 % of the world´s BNP to solve the climate issue, and there will be much more expensive, 4-5 % or more, do to nothing? Even Saudi Arabia is now talking about the future of solar energy and the end of the oil era. The radio program is available in English:

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